This is the home page for the mandi LaTeX package developed by Joe Heafner. This page is mainly for Overleaf users who just need the actual package file and documentation.

The version distributed from this page is currently 2.7.6.

While mandi is officially distributed through CTAN and official TeX/LaTeX distributions, the latest release version will always be available here for users who don’t use package managers or for those who just want to examine the source code.

Because WordPress blogs won’t accept .tex (TeX/LaTeX source) files or .py (Python source) files (unless I’m missing something), I have to make the files available as a zip archive. The archive contains the following six files:

mandi.sty (package source)

mandi.pdf (package documentation)

NnnnnnnnCCPxx.tex (student template) (VPython example)

NnnnnnnnCCPxxFigyy.pdf (sample figure 1)

NnnnnnnnCCPxxFigzz.pdf (sample figure 2)

overleaf-template (all six of the above files)

Even though the zip file has overleaf in its name users can still use the files in a desktop TeX/LaTeX distribution. Note that the NnnnnnnnCCPxx files are not included with the CTAN distribution as they are not of general interest.