Oral Interviews as Assessment

TL;DR I have begun using oral interviews as a replacement for traditional written tests and quizzes. There are many advantages for faculty and students, including elimination of paperwork, better chances for understanding students’ state of comprehension, a more relaxed environment, and no possibility for gaming for points. The ongoing pandemic has amplified many questions I […]

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Matter & Interactions I, Week 12

I’m getting the jump on this week for a change! This week is all about assessments and building solution portfolios. Taking a cue from something I saw in Kip Thorne’s graduate course on gravitational waves, I’m experimenting with a new way of letting students learn. Here’s the document that I gave students. Here’s the deal. […]

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Ideas for Next Fall

This week wraps up another academic year and I’m already mulling over some ideas for doing things differently in calculus-based physics next fall. This post is just a brain dump of those ideas. As always, feedback is welcome. Okay. My students have totally bought into standards based grading. I struggle with my standards and whether […]

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Physics Standards, M&I Chapters 1-3

Here are my M&I class’s standards for chapters 1-3. Students had considerable input into the formulation of these standards. Standard: I can use consistent and correct vector notation. Proficiency Indicator(s): Correct vector notation is used consistently throughout a problem or explanation. Mastery Rubric: Vectors are indicated with arrows. Vector components are indicated with appropriate subscripts or […]

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Astronomy Standards

Here are my astronomy class’s first standards. These standards come directly from the first seven inquiry activities done mostly in class. Collectively, these activities form a coherent unit on critical thinking framed so as to form the foundation for astronomy or any other science. The biggest problem I have, and have had for well over […]

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